Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kidney Stone Stuck In Urethra Have You Had A Kidney Stone Stuck In Your Urethra?

Have you had a kidney stone stuck in your urethra? - kidney stone stuck in urethra

My body was a brick factory in the kidney during the past 16 years. I spent a painful stone is big enough for me to see and feel once a year. I had lithotripsy ureteroscopy 1 and 3 My stone is in the bladder or urethra me stuck, and has in the last 5 days. Have you ever had a stone remained there, and how long before they tolerate removed. My common sense left me the pain is terrible. I drink lots of water and medication for pain, my doc. She said that not once more pain. They were a snapshot of the time, so I do not know the size. I wanted to let me know whether it was just, can. I began to work in 2 weeks (I admit) and I will do anything terrible ureteroscopy before returning to work. Sorry to blabber ... This madness is caused by this terrible rock! In any case, you have been stagnant from a stone in the bladder or urethra for a long time?


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