Sunday, December 6, 2009

Virginia Tech Birthday Cake Have You Ever Had A Tragedy Overshadow You Birthday?

Have you ever had a tragedy overshadow you birthday? - virginia tech birthday cake

My birthday is 11 and although I am very busy and have little idea this year was in the last two years with the anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech, I was in college when the tragedy occurred and obscured what It disturbs me, though I made directly by anyone familiar with them. I continue. This is the time when people celebrate the conversation about the monuments and things and I feel guilty.

You have a birthday or other holidays, including through a personal tragedy, or the public will be overshadowed? How can I solve it?


Stevie N said...

Yes, the Challenger exploded on my birthday and this year was very sad. We need to remember our anniversary is a day and a lot of things happen every day. We can not live on the bad things or the past, but celebrate life.

My mother died in September last year, and only a few days makes me really sad, but I must say that life is over and now I must go and live in my life.

Slutty Pineapple said...

Yes, two years ago, my grandma went to the hospital b / c of his liver failed. Because it is a hard-core alcoholics, and the whole family to the hospital with her. I had never seen a game this year, and when he saw me, he said, it was probably good for me.

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