Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wikipedia Asperger Could I Have Asperger's Syndrome?

Could I have Asperger's Syndrome? - wikipedia asperger

I am 20 years old and thought my grandmother, Asperger's syndrome. I also received a diagnosis of anxiety disorder General.

Symptoms of Asperger's "The intense concern about a narrow, one-sided verbosity, restricted prosody and intonation, and motor clumsiness ..."- http / / / wiki / Asperger s_ ...

I tend to be indifferent to the feelings of the people, even when I was in elementary school, I feel sad when other children were crying. I Really Do not try to hug someone, bored, and I'm with most people who have a general conversation w / me. I can not keep eye contact. My language is not eloquent - really sloppy and I have) a stutter (the kind of break in the silence.

I pay attention to details that are not in a number of issues of importance is the impact on the schools.

I am not physically capable of certain things. I'm pretty clumsy and slight tremor in my hands.

Is it possible that I am of AS, the social, school and work to suffer?


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