Monday, February 8, 2010

Ap Wards Biology Lab 4 Answers Does Any Body Have All The Answers To Ward's AP Biology Lab # 4 Plant Pigment And Photosynthesis?

Does any body have all the answers to Ward's AP Biology Lab # 4 Plant Pigment and photosynthesis? - ap wards biology lab 4 answers

1. that the pigment travels the farthest? Why?

2.When the summer, green leaves are usually more clear. What would you proceed from the fact that this shows that the role of the wavelength of light green, chlorophyll, and the process of photosynthesis

3.DESIGN an experiment to test his hypothesis of the previous question. Describe your experience or a drawing of the experimental facility.

4. Why Why leaves change color in autumn?

5.What is the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis?

6. What are the accessory pigments and what are their responsibilities?

7. Research and other forms of chromatography are described.

8.What has Rf value represent? If you perform the experiment on the strip of chromatography twice the length I would be their HF be the same?

10. What is the absorption spectrum?

11.In what the spectrophotometer used for measurement of photosynthesis?


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