Monday, February 15, 2010

How To Stop A Recurring Xbox Live Membership How Do I Stop A Recurring Xbox Live Gold Membership?

How Do I Stop A Recurring Xbox Live Gold Membership? - how to stop a recurring xbox live membership

I bought 3 months Xbox Live Gold in my credit card in the Xbox Dashboard recently and now have an e-mail to say that Microsoft money every time to earn my Gold subscription is almost used up and that this is always renew my Gold subscription.

Who knows how I can cancel it so that Microsoft can not keep money from my account.
I wanted to just 3 months is not worth it to emerge again and again.


Adam S said...

Go to the Account Management, and delete information on your credit card or you can use 1-800-4MY-XBOX

TheOther... said...

U can not be removed ur Xbox, u have to call, but be prepared to cancel the centuries, left, or be connected before.

U can also return only the money, Arent invite u, u can then pre-paid cards for next time.

Nick M said...

To login to and go to Account Settings and change it or forget to repeat, 1 month subscription i if you do not change.

cool man said...

Call 1-800-4myxbox want to stop and say,

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