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Glidden Pva Primer Can I Use Primer For Wall Paint As Canvas Painting Primer?

Can I use primer for wall paint as canvas painting primer? - glidden pva primer

I know it sounds absurd, but I have a lot to the left primer on a wall in my room, and I really do not want it to waste. Since acrylic paint, I wonder if I can use the excess primer for the wall that my first painting with acrylic paint. For the first time I've Glidden and said: "Our PVA primer and sealant. Any ideas?

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grandpa said...

I do not want with a cloth or linen, because it is less elastic and cracks. Use only plaster designed for this purpose.

I have also suggested that with the material in advance will be established and extended to eliminate if possible, a bad line and corners.
I am an artist for 45 years and I am a professional framer 30 and one of the most common problems they have with the artists, painting their own route are tissues that usually measured outside plaza and error. For example, if the artist wanted a 20 "x24" includes, and the measurement is actually 20 1 / 4 "x 23 7 / 8" x 19 7 / 8 "x 24 1 / 8". It is almost impossible to regulate, to. They will tend to stretch out for an additional fee to the artist, or a custom frame size instead of a readymade cheaper.

If you need its own size, or a pair of very long section with, at least for textile mill cloth prepared or you even a consistent starter. You can be sure you are ready to file and will last for decades or even centuries.

Kenponde... said...

It depends largely on your attitude to your work. If you are the type that concerns about the quality, not.
Personally, I see art as a rejection of what is inside, which better reflect (a number of reasons). So, my style is loose, so the quality is less important.
Technically, the only problem of the quality and chemistry. It is unlikely to problems in chemistry as the basis of the PVA, which are (I do not think) reactive. The quality is not that a problem is the very good work. Note that it would be better to consider first a little too smooth, the surface could be found) would (or coarse.
There are two main reasons for its preparation. Both are important in the use of oils. First is to isolate the canvas. In contrast to what we tend to believe that cotton is actually one of the worst support out there. It has a short life. Flax is three times as long. In terms of conservation, when the screen is isolated, it is possible to replace the canvas in a future not the case when the image directly. Second, all colorsImportant to achieve the transparency with age. If it is white behind the colors remain brilliant even if you do another dark background to it. It will also help if they are fresh zing.

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