Sunday, February 14, 2010

How To Make Pictures The Same Length On Windows Movie Maker Windows Movie Maker Help; How Do I Make All Pictures Same Length?

Windows movie maker help; how do i make all pictures same length? - how to make pictures the same length on windows movie maker

So I make a movie in stop-motion and I want to know that there is a way to automatically retrieve all images of the same length. not the default 5 seconds. But a variable. THX


Dead End said...

Do not bother me, because only with WMM clips and photos at 0.25 seconds, which can also smooth animation short, however, be reduced. You need a program specifically for the needs of the actual stop-motion animation you compile your movie, then edit your video clips later developed into a video editing program like Windows Movie Maker. An entertainment program, it will be easier to organize, reorganize, add or delete individual images. In general, playing with several different images is difficult and uncomfortable in the video editors because they are not designed with frame by frame animation as a central element.

To truly understand, propose the framework and the creation of the film, I with MonkeyJam if you are on a PC. It's free.

http://www. ...

AnimatorDV: Simple + became freeware.

If you're on a Mac, you can try Framethief or FramebyFrame. ...

With each of these programs, you can set the frame rate, and how long each image on the screen (also) as small as a table.
This control is your stop-motion look slowly less and less excited.

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