Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Microsoft Messenger For Mac Keeps Changing My Name Windows Live Messenger For Mac Wont Keep My Name And Message?

Windows live messenger for mac wont keep my name and message? - microsoft messenger for mac keeps changing my name

Hello, I do not know why, but yesterday, Microsoft Messenger for Mac to keep my personal name and personal message, and replaces it with just "Shawn I" can change again, sitting in .... Shawn and his new message is gone.

I deleted all the messages to install your tujoruos the same, the file .... Users of MS is not anything ... I do not know what ... I am the only one with the problem so that it can not be a Microsoft server, I mean my screen is pic ...

Anyone have any ideas?



Myou said...

You are not alone, I have the same problem, from about the same time as you. Expect my fault, "clinically_obsessed": SI blow air, computers, a Mac on a PC, tried different passwords and nothing has changed.

SD said...

MSN Open
allow the use of the image to always the same and personal message each login "

Apply / OK

Did not work? "Try asking a DNS or color again:)

Farnando said...

Create an account on msn and try again

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