Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fort Collins Emt-b Jobs EMT-B Jobs In Denver, Fort Collins CO Area, Ambulance Companies?

EMT-B jobs in Denver, Fort Collins CO area, ambulance companies? - fort collins emt-b jobs

I was recently certified as an EMT in Georiga. I moved to Colorado. Unfortunately, no company in Colorado, and I am in Georgia. Where are the search for a job and what are some ambulance companies out there? I prefer to call the 911, but I'm c


Ask me! said...

Good question: How do I read your question I felt the
and the frustration of not able to some more questions (please s). I wanted to say something, but I want to know more details. I would like to note one or two things to offer at least a few Ensight and one or two things.

With your permission, of course!

21 years Medical

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