Friday, February 19, 2010

Mishap Swimsuit Whats Your Most Embarrasing Swimsuit Mishap?

Whats your most embarrasing swimsuit mishap? - mishap swimsuit

I thought my costume drag has fallen, it is not unusual, so I just ignored him and continued to swim. And it did not prefer the south - that is my real costume. The practice might be all girls or, more troublesome than was necessary.


Rachie Ann said...

My family and I went to the beach and all of my bathing suits were in the wash. We wanted to beat the traffic, so that I could not wait for my bikini, dry and had to borrow one of my mother's clothes. It is this ugly black thing with the board shorts. Must have been when we arrived, I dived into the water struck by a wave and back to Earth. Her hair was everywhere, and the demand for services have been down when I came into the arena my eyes I saw the guy whom I like to see in a towel for 2 yards to -.-

xCandypo... said...

Hmm, I think if I went to a theme park and put on a bathing suit 1 piece. I sat in the queue to reduce, and if I turn her and I got up, very few people look at me, but really look at my butt crack! >: (I realized I had forgotten my swimming trunks, very clean!)

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