Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Casino Girl Costume Need 21st Bday Costume Ideas - Theme Is Casino/vegas!!?

Need 21st bday costume ideas - theme is casino/vegas!!? - casino girl costume

Hello boys

(im a girl) I need ideas for an anniversary of 21, the theme casino in Las Vegas! I do not go too far to wear long evening / dress code - easy (and prostitutes trophy or not) - die hard!

asap please guys! =] Any suggestion is, even if only a headpeice! all the ideas you have =]

Thank you very much


peacheso... said...

Hey! Yesterday I was in the casino! (No luck, of course).
What happens if a card attached to your T-shirt? That would be cool? You can use safety pins, and connect each card to a different location on your shirt. Or you could dress up as the card dealer.
Make one final point - a: in black and red colors of a card game dressed (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs).
I hope I was helpful! Oh! And of course, wish you a wonderful time to celebrate!

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