Friday, January 8, 2010

Cover Letter To A Car Shop How Can I Prove That A Car I Hit The Damages Are Not What The Say It Is?

How can I prove that a car I hit the damages are not what the say it is? - cover letter to a car shop

In September, I hit a parked car accidenly question was a busy street and a bus coming toward me and I got nervous and tried to park, very fast on my right and hit a car. The owner was in a cafe and saw me. I was very nice and gave me this information, I said, it would be the payment of damages. The car was not bad. I told me the price. 3 weeks later gave me a price of 350 I said, 'OK, where do you know about the money, "I'll be going back. When he returned, she said, can send a check? She said yes. I said, what is your address? He says I'm at work, and when I get home, I call, I say. Never heard of him, and never me, because I like everything, if you want the money I give you the address. Thus, approximately 2 weeks later, my insurance called me and told me that you give in an accident? "I said what I said and I l I said, so he called his insurance company. I was so angry because I do not mean I do not work!" Well said, my assurance that if the damage is over 1000, when their Politics Chang, I said, oh, if so, under that, ok? said yes. So I would say that through the paperwork to go, I'm sure my salary and not the insurance company will pay each month and has 350 damage covered. OK, now I got a letter that you have applied for expenses in the year 1500! OMGGGGGGG is it really? What should I do? He said the bank reported 350th Why is this happening? Not that either do not report to the police, have been reported. That day was so sweet, I did not say to custom report insurance concern, I have to pay out of pocket. Besides the damage was a farce. What now? Should I tell my insurance and no responisble FRIEND? Im so angry. And pain. Thank you guys


Johnny said...

If no report has no evidence. Deny everything. When he would not even know who he is or how he had his information.

Lakota said...

Do you have a repair bill for a body shop or store? Most ins. co. require at least 2 estimates for repairs. He tries to steal. I know! If I could, I would say the conversation with a policeman, what exactly has happened, he said, he said, the time between the one who with you again, insurance companies, The Whole Nine Yards. You can not do everything, but could be examined to see if he does things like this to the past, and someone told him.
Contact Ins. and tell them not to pay for repairs until it receives contributions or to free repair centers reporting. It is more about the car for $ 350 to fix and maintain the balance of 1500. In fact, I know someone who the INS and others do not. went through the roof.
Let me know what you learn. Do not use suck!

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