Friday, January 29, 2010

Smelly Urine After Waking Up Strange Pregnancy Symptom?

Strange Pregnancy Symptom? - smelly urine after waking up


I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant and have the following --

* Just today she was really sick when I woke up
* Your breasts are painful!, Dark blue veins, it was larger and darker
* Very tired
* Pee much

The strange thing is that I have a bad smell, but not really an infection and I drank a lot, is that normal?

I am also very worried because I was there a miscarriage 3 months and I do not want that to happen again. The last time that I think I had a chemical pregnancy and that is mine was first to be repeated?

I consult my doctor tomorrow, so that he can calm my thoughts, but for me tonight, can you please help me at all xx


Morley said...

Sounds quite normal for me to grow, including the veins in your chest (breasts and require a larger supply of blood for BFing in the future)

The smell of urine can be caused by an infection of the urinary tract, or if you prenatal vitamins that can alter the smell somehow take. Drink a lot and if you are unsure, contact your health care provider.

Congratulations and good luck

Bigfra said...

Chest pain and feel very sick is a good sign, what are the symptoms of normal pregnancy. Fatigue as well.

Discomfort during urination and vein are also in discussion with a doctor if you are in the UK, try NHS Direct.

MamaSmas... said...

everything is normal, as the dark veins of feeling ....

Now, prenatal, under Start? This may be why it has a strong odor of urine, or can the early signs of an infection of the urinary tract.

jamxx said...

blue vein r !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fair

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