Sunday, January 31, 2010

Confident Dental Chair Would You Be Thrown Off If Your Dental Hygienist Had Imperfect Teeth?

Would you be thrown off if your dental hygienist had imperfect teeth? - confident dental chair

I go to school for dental hygiene and I wonder if someone is sitting just to his dental hygienist with an imperfect smile?

I have straight teeth, and I've always been comfortable with my smile. I have a few small areas, but my dentist was not right. I was able to braces to fix my space, but I always thought that the teeth complement an important role in who you are, and his character.

But I wonder how my patients feel? Feed back would be awesome, thank you!


dM said...

Let me at all, provided it is clean and healthy, of course (no visible stains or tartar, etc.)! Heck, not even my orthodontist and his sister is not perfect teeth - and now that I think my dentist also has shortcomings.

It is the personality and skills are important.

Kaycee said...

I think when I see going to the dentist, I am the teeth of all. No, I acutaly it all the time because I really want to be a dental nurse.
But I think that is the work in the industry, with a smile, "perfect" is certainly a plus.
i dont think id be started by a dentist without perfect teeth, but if they were terribly wrong, then I

wiseman/... said...

Happy 2009
No, the age-old cliché, "the children have no shoes, a cobbler." and from there you can ask for all occupations. "Children are evil ministers." And the woman has to eat meat. (ask MA)

Chris said...

Having perfect teeth is overrated. Apply to all on earth is stupid keys (and evil, too). Even if he or she is clean, I would not be worried.

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