Sunday, January 24, 2010

Toddler Medical Id Bracelet Medical ID For Toddlers?

Medical ID for Toddlers? - toddler medical id bracelet

I have a 28 months old child, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I know she has some sort of medical identification just in case something happens to know the medical staff. I need something they can not leave, and I can not find a lot of bracelets, which are suitable. But a wristband is visible to everyone if she wears short sleeves. Not necessarily, we want everyone in the street, or someone who plays with the knowledge that you have diabetes - or other medical problems. But I know he must be clear, this is the point. I thought back to the ankle but not clear enough for an ambulance. My question is ... Wear your medical ID when you were young, or you have a child who can weark and discreet? How?


Cammie said...

One of my twins was dxed Type 1 to 2 years.
I always had a bracelet on her.
They are small.
I think the sale is very much clear that the ankle.
. My only problem is that his sister what he wanted, so I had a bracelet with his name and photo.
I have some beautiful images, both the use of those little bracelets.
So many children now have things such as allergies, autism, or just the name and address.

ASHLEY said...

Ive never been diabetic, but my father and not about who is discreet, so long worried about how he lives, which saves all that should matter to you. Millions of people in the United States with diabetes should not be ashamed of yourself. My father wears his on his wrist and that's good.

STAR said...

What would you say are constantly on the lookout MA bracelet with the initials for "Medical Alert" on the inside of the diabetes type can 1.Si someone asks, simply insert say you are a little bracelet that Monica does not Ann. Strangers teach differently and people, is that you and your daughter is not the medical staff Truth.I think check.Most the time your daughter grows with you and she is diabetic, so we can tell people the same when the daughter Allergies needed.My important and had taught at a young age what to say, when she was ill and was med help this growth her.Hope is help.She normal until he learns it's part of his life and learn to Save and continue life.Remember not what we think, what they want from yourself and your immune system begins with the teaching thinking her.Good no luck!

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