Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Sixteenth Invitation Wording Cool Sweet Sixteen Invitation Ideas?

Cool sweet sixteen invitation ideas? - sweet sixteenth invitation wording

As a rule, invitations are just pieces of paper, but its sixteenth day of my birthday soon and I want my party invitations cool, it's something else, and usually costs a lot. I'm the bottle, but it would be too expensive to buy 20 bottles of perfume


x...alii... said...

Bit-bridge instead of the suites have their invitations
Cowboy hats and rabbit ears
, the connection of good ideas on paper
Hope this helps

Laian said...

I bought some fancy paper and rolled, wrapped in duct tape and given to guests as a royal decree. They even gave each guest a royal title and all. But I must say that I have enough bottles of perfume from her!

Liz T said...

recorded message on a CD

sarah said...

Put it in a block of ice
And to make to him on the ground SMASH!
idk sounds cool ...
I can ..

Gelly has a belly said...

Sweet Sixteen for me, I have his shirt was super !!!!!!! and the people is still in use!

Couture.... said...

You can see bottles of really cheap Purfume than one dollar store! That is what this girl in my school did it! It was not pretty, and it's a good idea if you have a small budget!

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