Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Treating Forhead Herpes I Have Red Bumps On My Forhead?

I have red bumps on my forhead? - treating forhead herpes

I have red bumps on my forehead?
I have red bumps on my forehead without pain, is what iv been stressed latley handling


QT Pie said...

Unfortunately, their "red skin" probably the most feared of blackheads and pimples!

These are ways to heal a button too fast

1. Wash the skin with a clean dry cloth.
2. Swaddle Ice Cube in a cloth and leave it on the floor for one or two minutes, but it will contribute to swelling.
3. Dip the tip of a cotton swab in tea tree oil (diluted available in the pharmacy, and believe me, this oil for your skin!) And the places of a small amount directly into the corn was.
4. Let's cure it. Do not pop, bag, or press the strings are even worse.

In addition, you can use a little alcohol, lemon juice, vinegar dab of toothpaste or cereal before bed every night. When he wakes up, the grain will be gone. This is because the lemon juice, alcohol, toothpaste and hair oil pimples.Salt vinegar mixed with water, also works. Apply the mixture directly into the grain.

This works so beautiful! I'm not kidding, and you have to prove it!
And tomato juice works too ...Are tomatoes, sliced and used as a cleaning pad to wipe his face and pimples and dry with a cloth. You can then on a platform of natural exfoliating spray a little sugar on the surface of the slice tomato and rub around the face to do.

I hope that helped! You acne will disappear without the use of chemicals!

Terra said...

... Buttons?
Buy cream store grain (stores tend to be more definantly)

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