Saturday, January 9, 2010

Halloween Costume Accessories How Can I Make A Cupid Costume For An Infant? Where Can I Find Child-size Cupid Accessories For Halloween?

How can I make a cupid costume for an infant? Where can I find child-size cupid accessories for Halloween? - halloween costume accessories

My daughter is about 8 months and I would like Cupid for Halloween. I can not find accessories for children size clothes on the Internet. In addition, any parent out there to be created with some DIY tips on the costume? Help!


Heather said...

I know that We Love Colors make some very good elements of a costume of Cupid to ... and a smaller size. You can get very large screens there, and different types of mesh in over 50 colors (from red though). They also have gloves, wrist, I think it would be really nice in white. You are going to check an online store in order to em out. Good luck!

Amanda said...

Wal-Mart tries to do many things, crafty or Michaels

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