Saturday, January 16, 2010

Movies Involving Wars Poll: Watchin MOVIES??

Poll: Watchin MOVIES?? - movies involving wars

Here's a game that is I have a number of film genres list and a name to a movie like this, I have seen. When you get to see all the movies on your list, the best responses. ok here goes:

1) A disaster movie
2) film, in which the war
Movie 3) A classic
4) a Chick Flick
5) A great success of explosives
6) A movie with aliens in it
7) A Slasher
8) The film TV movie
9) A drawing
10) film starring Matt Damon


Şрħįņxy is not on Y!A atm. said...

1) Twister.
2) Enemy at the Gates.
3) Some Like It Hot.
4) Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2nd
5) The Dark Knight.
6) Allen.
7) The Hills Have Eyes. (Re-make)
8) Starsky and Hutch.
9) Finding Nemo.
10) dogma.

Cold Hard BEUFP said...

1) A disaster movie - "Twister"
2) film, in which the war - "Forrest Gump" (Vietnam, duh!)
3) A classic film - "Nosferatu"
4) a Chick Flick - "Boys on the Side"
5) An explosive success - "The Dark Knight"
6) A movie with aliens in it - "Mars Attacks"
7) A slasher - "Nightmare on Elm Street"
8) The Video-TV - "The Brady Bunch"
9) An animated film - "Beauty and the Beast"
10) film starring Matt Damon - "The Brothers Grimm"

Allaiyah W said...

1a) If you are related to disasters, as in "never been done before," the queen of the damned.

1b) If you mean disaster, as in "everyone dies" and then Titus.

1c) If you lose my disaster, as in "Hell Breaks Dawn of the Dead.

2) Grave of the Fireflies, which qualify as a disaster 1b.

3) The Wizard of Oz was there when my grandmother was in diapers.

Do not see 4 )****, this .... uhh ....>. \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt; Troop Beverly .... no ... Clueless!

5) Harry Potter.

6) Earth Girls Are Easy (was terrible).

7a) If you like slasher mean in "same-sex couples, because the rooms and hallways.

7b) If you think that in slasher thriller then Nightmare on Elm Street.

8) Beavis & Butthead Do America.

9a) If you hear a movie based on a comic, and Aeon Flux.

9b) If you think a cartoon, and Batman and the Phantom.

10) Dogma (loved it).

Stephani... said...

Disaster Movie 1): The Day After Tomorrow.
War movie 2): Saving Private Ryan.
Classic Movie 3): all the old Disney film is a classic. :)
Chick Flick 4): Uhm Bride Wars.
5) blockbuster: I do not go far. : / Maybe Marly and me?
6) The film "Alien": I'm going to be typical, and say he, because I can not think of everything. C
7) Slasher: include Silent Hill? : DD
8) TV-movie: X-Men, perhaps?
9) Cartoon: Horton Hears a Who!
10) with Matt Damon: Ocean's brother or Grimm.

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