Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vision Pots Marijuana- Effect On Vision(smokers Only Please)

Marijuana- effect on vision(smokers only please) - vision pots

I wonder if other Kiffer have the same effect when it is smoked. When I see a reasonable amount (2-3 cups) smoke, my vision seems a little clearer and everything takes a 2-D ISH to it. "Only my good friend seems to have the same effect of all my colleagues, we understand the" HD Vision. "Do you have experience with it, if they are high?


Pat M said...

Well, lots of smoke
and I felt that
very gentle and try not to be questioned. I think this kind of time we've smoked ganja. should be especially if Yur friends are having the same **** happen to them.

Toad said...

Not really, I think anything that looks different, but not really as you describe.
But I think I know what you mean.
I often see on the sides. too.

Portuguese♥Princess Due 7/20/10 said...

When I am strong I am just happy in general. And really ridiculous and hunger. BTW, I smoke so much ... Me and my husband, HD-Vision. lol

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