Friday, January 15, 2010

Silver Spoon Rings How To Make A Spoon Ring?

How to make a spoon ring? - silver spoon rings

I bought an old silver spoon in a flea market, and I want a ring no one knows with certainty what twice?


jimminyc... said...

Silver is a soft metal that is easily compared to other curves. Measuring the size of a finger with a string and the string measured with a ruler. End 3quarters half-inch longer than the length cut from the cup of the dipper with a fine tooth saw or jewelers saw (about $ 15 - $ 20). Use a file of paper and re-sanding the edges to smooth. Cover the bottom of a small hammer with a heavy chamois or not to scratch the silver medal and book the final assembly a little easier. With a needle nose pliers, flat and covered with velvet or leather for one of the teeth of the bracket at the end of a piece of pipe and clamp the spoon handle, the tube with the tooth on the decorative surface to protect the pipeline. The involvement of the company to a second pair of pliers (also included) to the cut end is reached part of the pan and firmly clasped around the tube. This will take some effort and strength, as she bends forward slowly and continue to do the same work their way up to the end of the handle until the cutting edge. Make sure that you are the spiral of the balance beamTube into the ring on the front page. Once you have the basic shape that you can customize the operation only with tweezers and adapt to a different pair. Takes a little trial and error to get it just right. When you are finished cleaning the corners a little bit more for the filing and sanding and then polish with silver polish.

suzanna_... said...

Go to the jeweler

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