Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sales Agreement Contract Do You Have To Have Earnest Money To Make A Purchase And Sale Agreement Contract Legal (Real Esate)?

Do you have to have earnest money to make a purchase and sale agreement contract legal (Real Esate)? - sales agreement contract

I read a lot about buying real estate, and I wonder what you really really need to make money, a standard purchase and sale agreement legal? Or you can do without a lot of money and still legal?


Steve D said...

It is useless to the legal contract - but, again, is almost always lead by the seller is not required to financial difficulties.

☼Astrolo... said...

We must take seriously not only of money quitting when you write an offer, you will also need a seller a pre-letter from your lender.

Why else would the seller would take seriously? She had nothing to lose could be the table that you, if I could really serious about your home?

Looking from the perspective of the seller.

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