Friday, January 15, 2010

Shower Stall Doors Installing Shower Door On A Shower Stall (moulded) -Is It Safe To Drill Hole On The Side Of The Shower Stall?

Installing shower door on a shower stall (moulded) -Is it safe to drill hole on the side of the shower stall? - shower stall doors

The shower is a unit throughout with the sides and floor molding. Is it safe to install the shower door by drilling holes in the side (or) be used silicone adhesive and the amount of on the side of a shower. Please be happy! (I posted an earlier question and my question was unclear. Sorry!)


canada speaks said...

The pilot holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw. With the beginning of the piece may also be at the bottom of the ramp that the threshold (the horizontal part of the opening) and the post meets (to be presented vertically), because they often encounter a curve to 90 degrees angle. Put silicone on the back of the train in a wavy line and silicone thumb-screws on the outer circumference, after everything is installed, wait 24 hours, the foam rinse, repeat!

Rambo said...

You can at Lowe's or something and talk to the "helpers" and could result in the right direction to show for the "fixing" or go somewhere Expert bra as "FASTENAL" to view the incredible variety of products mounting. The possibilities are endless. There are many, many ways to finish this work.

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