Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long Blade Cricket Bats Please Could I Have An Opinion On The Following....?

Please could i have an opinion on the following....? - long blade cricket bats

I would like opinions on my poetry. I wrote a few poems in recent years, however, shown that only a minority of a few close friends. Only now, that I decided a different approach and want to know what you think.

"New Beginnings"

Gold leaf and hurricanes
Wind blows through the rain
I feel a breath in my hair
The winter is almost over.
The sun breaks in the green fields
I open my heart a dream of spring
Butterflies and daffodils
And long walks o'er the hills.
A mountain is waiting for me to explore,
The light shines in my eyes ache.
Keeping pace with the rays of light, and in anticipation of the mild spring day.
Awakened by the gentle warmth of the sun under a blade of grass
The trees awake from their winter sleep, lively and special new dreams
Blackbird calls, and the crickets sing.
The imagination runs wild.
Time to search for new possibilities of small worlds
In the hedgerows and woods twisted spirals,
I meanTone between the leaves, my heart jumped into my throat.
I hear the sound is coming, and I am surprised that beauty begins to develop.


Anonymous said...

wow ur poem that seems to me the love.
Nicley flows, and descriptive

Anonymous said...

I think this stuff is really good.
I really like is structured in the manner that flows well and in good pace. Just think you can do with some editorial changes. A bit of reorganization here and there, maybe in two or three verses. It just seems to jump from one to another too quickly no matter closer to your train of thought is not entirely consistent with them. Although written in any case, keep the good work:)

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